The X-ray Science and Instrumentation Team has strengths in the areas of x-ray phase-contrast imaging, microscopy, micro-tomography & diffraction with a strong grounding in the theoretical underpinnings of these techniques.

The team has developed phase-contrast imaging instruments including the X-ray ultra-Microscope (XuM) and the PCX which have been commercialised by spin-off company XRT Ltd. We have also been involved in design of synchrotron beamlines such as the power diffraction beamline at Photon Factory. Currently group leader, Steve Wilkins, is a member of the Beamline Advisory Panel for the Imaging and Medical Therapy beamline at the Australian synchrotron, which will be based on phase-contrast imaging principles.

The team’s capabilities include:

X-ray phase-contrast imaging, & microscopy – X-ray phase-contrast imaging can be used to image from the macroscopic scale down to the microscopic down to 100nm resolution. Compared to conventional x-ray imaging phase-contrast greatly enhances the visibility of edges, voids, cracks and boundaries and it enables the x-ray imaging of objects which don’t absorb x-rays. 

X-ray phase-contrast micro-tomography – This enables high-resolution three-dimensional imaging of microscopic sample. It incorporates the benefits of x-ray phase-contrast imaging.

Phase-retrieval theory and software for phase-contrast imaging – Phase retrieval theory is applicable to a range of imaging and diffraction problems. It is essential for quantitative analysis of phase-contrast images. We have knowledge and experience in designing and implementing desktop, distributed and web-based solutions for image processing and quantitative analysis.

Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) – Our SAXS facility is used to analyse fine- and meso- scale structure in non-crystalline materials such as fibres and biological samples. We are also developing new methods for characterising membrane proteins based on SAXS and diffraction methods.

X-ray optics fabrication – We have skills and lithography facilities for fabrication of silicon monochromators and Fresnel zone plates (x-ray lenses) for x-ray instruments.


Primary Contact

Dr Tim Gureyev (PhD)
Project Leader
CSIRO Manufacturing and Materials Technology
Phone: 61 3 9545 2702
Fax: 61 3 9544 1128